Sakurazaka46 wins Best Japan Act from the Best Local Acts awards at the 2021 MTV EMAs!

Sakurazaka46 won the Best Japan Act from the Best Local Act awards at this year’s MTV Europe Music Awards, one of Europe's largest music awards that was held at László Papp Budapest Sports Arena in Hungary on Monday, November 15th, JST!

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▼About the MTV EMA (Europe Music Awards)
The MTV EMA (Europe Music Awards) was originally conceived as an alternative to the MTV VMA (Video Music Awards), which is hosted annually in the United States. First held in Berlin, Germany in 1994, MTV EMA is one of the largest music awards in Europe, held annually in various European cities, and last year in Seville, Spain. Although with the name of “Europe Music Awards,” the awards feature top artists from all over the world beyond the geographical boundaries of Europe and have gained tremendous support from music fans. EMA has always been held as “music awards chosen by fans,” with winners decided by the votes from the MTV audiences around the world. The awards created by MTV and the audiences together directly reflect the review of music fans, therefore it becomes a great honor for the artist to win the award at the EMA. In addition, some of the awards spotlight popular local artists from each country, which is also a highlight unique to the MTV EMA.

▼About Best Local Act Awards
The Best Local Act awards, which make one of the major features unique to the MTV EMAs, are awards to the best artists from all over the world, decided by audience’s votes. As for Japan, there will be five nominees annually, and the one that received the highest vote from music fans will be awarded a trophy praising its achievements as the winner of the Best Japan Act award.